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It often doesn't occur to people that they could hire a band of the calibre they see headlining festivals for a private event at a similar rate to a function band! This not only gives them high quality, experienced professional musicians for their event but also supports the musicians and enables them to carry on being full time practicing artists. Whether it's a trio with piano or guitar and double bass, or a larger band including a singer and/or saxophone. I always book the very best professional musicians and vocalists available. and together we will create bespoke music tailor made for your event and your guests. Happy to play gently in the background, but also happy to take centre stage, creating more of a party atmosphere, perhaps playing music of the Rat Pack or Latin favourites for dancing.

I love playing requests and like to think that there are very few tunes that we cannot play (within reason!)

If you're interested in booking Colin please get in touch using the form on the right and we will get in touch with you asap to talk through the details and give you a quote.

Scottish Jazz Band for Hire
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