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“The Scottish trumpeter can unfurl the Chet Baker arabesques when he is in the mood, but it is as an exponent of a delicate jazz-folk fusion that he truly comes into his own. “Stramash” may be a north-of-the-border term for “racket”, but Steele manages to draw a stunningly lyrical ensemble sound from what is, on paper at least, an unwieldy line-up featuring fiddles, cello, saxophone and pipes. The presence of that incisive pianist Dave Milligan is always an encouraging sign, and Steele has come up with an earthy series of compositions, rich in evocative motifs and intoxicating ceilidh rhythms. The Bletherer takes pride of place. One of the best home-grown releases this year.”
The Times

“The ten tracks on "Through The Waves" give the European jazz scene a colour which has been missing for so long - and at the same time rings as true as ever.”
Jazzthetik Germany

“The trumpeter has a masterful understanding of how to transfer the folklore of his homeland to the jazz idiom. It proves how richly different folk traditions can influence European jazz.”
Stereo Germany

“The scottish trumpeter Colin Steele is one of the most noted newcomers on the european jazz scene in recent years. With his quintet he creates a flow of fantasy, a music where the strong melodic lines direct the thought...exhilarating.”
Svenska Dagbladet Sweden

“His music is effortlessly effective, fetching, and accessible. Its lyricism and warmth will easily gain both the expert and the occasional listener. He bridges Scottish folk tradition and American jazz history, putting across material full of freshness, beauty, and stylistic variety with melodic grace, structural rigour, maturity in composition, focus in interpretation, and confidence.”
HiTech Magazine Greece

“Steele's Celtic heritage drives his love of melody, moving seamlessly between traditional jigs and the New York night.
El Pais Spain

”This superb quintet is a bop unit quite unlike any other. Steele's lithe, dancing folk-like themes give a definite Scottish flavour, and the soloists respond beautifully.”
The Irish Times

‘Trumpeter Colin Steele’s quintet is a dream of a band: a kind of Scottish supergroup whose individual stars remain at the service of compelling tunes, sophisticated arrangements and a swinging and sensitive ensemble feel.”
Independent On Sunday

“A repertoire singing with Celtic melody, lovingly threaded into the American jazz tradition…no pause so far in Steele’s mission to give the straightahead jazz tradition completely fresh options.”
The Guardian

“Steele’s tunes are a superb lot…a mix of poignancy and optimism which I found profoundly soulful…miss at your own risk.”
Jazz Review

“This is effusive, vital, lovely jazz.”
Jazz UK

“Steele is as much a composer as a trumpet player, and his mastery of both roles gives his music a rare completeness and individuality.”
The Observer

“Trumpeter Colin Steele has compiled a superlative disc for a quintet of musicians who are both virtuosi and mature artists. Steele himself is a magnificent player and composed all 11 beautifully crafted pieces.”
BBC Music Magazine

“The best British jazz record of the year...rarely has the vocabulary of post bop gone native so convincingly.”
The New Statesman

“Beautiful life-affirming music.”
HMV Choice

“May be the best amalgam of bop and folk yet.”

“Beautifully conceived and executed, mellow and melodic, Steele’s music has instant appeal.”

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